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26. Juni 2013

DEVONthink and Bookends

DEVONthink and Bookends work nicely together: DEVONthink Pro and up come with a smart template for quickly linking to references in Bookends, accept references dragged over from your collection, and Bookends can store “item links” for any document in DEVONthink. Just recently Sonny Software released Bookends 12 with an exciting set of new features. Check it out! (mehr)

13. November 2012

Use Google Docs Inside of DEVONthink

For bookmarks DEVONthink shows the linked web page immediately when you select it in any view that has a preview pane, e.g. in Split view. And as Google Docs is just a web page you can add it to DEVONthink just like any other bookmark. Select it and DEVONthink shows the complete Google Docs editor just like as if it was a local document. (mehr)

5. Juni 2012

Even Better Mail Rule Script

If you like our mail rule scripts for emailing yourself documents and adding them to your DEVONthink inbox or databases, you will like this new script even more. Add it to a rule in Apple Mail and give the rule a distinct name. The messages will get files into a group of the rule’s name in DEVONthink’s global inbox and all attachments in a group with the message’s name. (mehr)

20. Dezember 2011

Create Your Own HUD

Keyboard Maestro allows you to automate things in almost any Mac app and assign it a shortcut. Even cooler is that when you assign the same shortcut to multiple macros Keyboard Maestro shows a head-up display with a list of all macros with this shortcut for you to choose from. (mehr)

26. Juli 2011

Empty DEVONthink's Trash Automagically

Using Keyboard Maestro you can automate emptying DEVONthink’s trash including dismissing the confirmation dialog. For this create a new Keyboard Maestro macro with the following steps:

If you like the idea of automating things, you should have a look at Keyboard Maestro. (mehr)

1. Oktober 2010

Add a Tag Cloud to DEVONthink Pro

The German software manufactory Soma-Zone has recently released Ammonite, a stand-alone third-party addition to DEVONthink Pro (and Pro Office, of course) that shows a tag cloud for any open database in a floating panel. From their web site: … (mehr)