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See You on Mastodon

January 16, 2023 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

For months Twitter has been sailing in rough sea, and last week, right in time for Friday the 13th, its new captain quite unceremoniously made many of its third-party clients walk the plank. Apps like Twitterrific and Tweetbot that made Twitter both useful and fun to use on the then-new iPhone, created by little shops like us.

Screenshot showing DEVONtechnologies' Mastodon user profile.

Regardless if you’ve jumped ship or find sailing two boats more comfortably in the storm, feel free to let your course cross @devontechnologies on our Mastodon island. Like on the blue bird site, we’ll post our weekly tips and keep you also otherwise updated on everything going on at our little company.

Contrary to that other microblogging service, Mastodon also lets you easily follow public feeds and hashtags in DEVONthink via RSS:

  1. Copy the Mastodon user’s public profile URL or the URL of the hashtag from the Explore area.
  2. In DEVONthink choose Data > New > Feed.
  3. Paste the copied URL into the URL field and add .rss.
  4. Add some tags, if needed, and click Add.

Please keep in mind that due to the distributed nature of Mastodon, feeds for hashtags only show posts from the selected instance as well as all instances known to it. Larger instances such as can be good sources for following hashtags.

Screenshot showing a dialog for adding a Mastodon RSS feed to DEVONthink.

We don’t know where the ships are sailing. For some there is troubled water ahead, for others an archipelago of thousands of islands. We hope to meet many of you again on Mastodon.

Please note that the purpose of our Mastodon instance is hosting our own user accounts. It is not open for registrations. It can be used for searching for users or following hashtags but its availability is not guaranteed.