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June 27, 2023 — Jim Neumann
Screenshot showing the Mactracker interface.

We are big fans of utility applications that excel at a certain function, apps that do one thing exceptionally well. Whether you’re shopping for hardware — new or used — or just an Apple enthusiast, you should check out Mactracker.

Developed and routinely updated by Ian Page, Mactracker is an amazing utility that provides a host of information on all things Apple. Covering hardware and software, the depth and thoroughness of the available information is amazing.

For example, if you want to know when the best release of OS X was released — 10.6 Snow Leopard, of course — you can look that up (it’s August 28, 2008, by the way). Or what’s the version of watchOS on a Series 5 Apple Watch? (watchOS 6). There is a historical list of all the operating system releases, including the maintenance releases.

On the hardware side, if you were wondering when the cheese grater G5 Power Mac was released (2003), what is the maximum RAM of the M2 MacBook Air (24 GB), or if the used iPad Mini you’re wanting to buy has the headphone jack, you can find these answers in this application. If there’s a specification on an Apple produced device you’re curious about, this app likely has it.

Mactracker covers what you’d expect: Mac, TV, mobile, and watches. But it also has information on more esoteric products like the Newton or Apple’s printers and scanners. You can even examine the specifications of the Mac you’re currently working on. There are also views like the Timeline, where you can browse what was released by Apple in any given year.

While this may not be an everyday application, it is a deep and handy resource to have when you need it.