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DEVONagent Updated also in the App Store

2. Oktober 2013 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

With todays update to version 3.5.2 we finally welcome DEVONagent Pro to the brave new world of sandboxing, now the prerequisite for distribution through the App Store. The update also cleans up some aspects of the user interface by hiding rarely used or unavailable options, and improves compatibility to some websites. The Download Manager adds the URL of downloaded items to their Finder/Spotlight metadata.

Both DEVONagent Pro and Express 3.5.2 come with an updated Tube scanner which scans webpages for embedded media. All three updated editions allow you to right- or Control-click their menu icon to quickly access commonly used options and show their menu now in grey instead of blue to comply with Mac App Store regulations. Of course the update also fixes known issues and improves overall performance and reliability.

This update is recommended for all users of any edition of DEVONagent. Get the update using the apps’ built-in Check for Updates, from our website, or, if you purchased your app there, through the Mac App Store.