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DEVONthink Gold Edition

31. März 2015 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

With the Apple Watch comes not only the first wearable computing device that could reach the masses. There also comes the trend towards personalization. The Apple Watch Edition sets the new mark. Of course we don’t want to stand back and so we proudly present: DEVONthink Gold Edition.

Get the proven, industry-strength technology and feature set of DEVONthink Pro Office with the bit of style and elegance that you deserve. Subtle but recognizable the golden title bar shows that not only do you know how to manage information effectively but you also are a class apart. Get organized and impress the others with this marvelous, hand-crafted piece of software.

Of course you don’t install it yourself. Every copy of DEVONthink Gold Edition is installed for you by myself at your convenience. DEVONthink Gold Edition will be available soon in our online shop for only US $10,000.