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The Day We Fight Back

12. Februar 2014 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

We like the Internet and especially its openness. The latter, however, means also that everything that travels through it can be intercepted, stored, and analyzed. And we don’t like to be watched. We clearly support an open Internet free of mass surveillance.

Please visit The Day We Fight Back and sign the action to show your support if you care about an Internet where people world-wide can communicate freely both in public or privately without being watched and analyzed by the government, other institutions, or companies.

We store customer information such as names and email addresses solely for providing support, e.g for resending license codes, or for granting free or price-reduced upgrades. We never share this information with anyone outside of the company, neither for money nor for marketing or other reasons. We use Google Analytics to get some insight into our website traffic but encourage you to block it using DoNotTrackMeGhostery or similar extensions if you are uneasy with this. We do not track app usage or receive any other data from installed copies of our apps. See also our Business Principles.