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We're Opting Out of Google Analytics

19. Mai 2014 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

In the last few years we used Google Analytics on our website. It helps us to learn more about our visitors, which pages they look at, and where they come from. But, being a Google product, Analytics also comes with many privacy concerns. Starting today we’ve removed all Analytics code from our website and replaced it with Matomo.

Contrary to Analytics, which runs on Google’s servers, Matomo is installed locally. We host it, we own the database it uses, and we control the data it collects. It doesn’t share any data with anyone outside of our company. Also, Matomo respects when you don’t want to be tracked (click here to learn how to activate this feature of modern web browsers).

Please feel free to install the excellent and free Ghostery web browser extension, too. It shows which trackers are watching when you visit a web page and disables them unless you don’t manually allow them. We are honored if you leave Matomo enabled on our website. Please also let us know if there’s any Google Analytics code left that we missed to deactivate.