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Working at Starbucks, but No WiFi

12. März 2009 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Long-standing readers will know that I like to work in local coffee shops and cafés. This January the first Starbucks opened in my area, about 20km north of Stuttgart, Germany. So I just had to try it — see the picture below. Reasonable coffee, agreed. But: WiFi was not yet operational and Starbucks in Germany does not offer it for free but you need to either pay by the minute or have a T-Mobile or T-Online subscription. Dear Starbucks, welcome to the 21st century — time to reconsider this antique concept.

Side note: Just in case you wonder about this posting right after the last one — I had written this one on Tuesday, scheduled it for Thursday, and forgot to re-schedule it after Wednesday’s events.