New in DEVONthink To Go 3

For DEVONthink To Go 3 we have revisited many parts of the app to add current iOS technologies and make the code base ready for future improvements. Here’s what’s new.

DEVONthink To Go 3.0 brings new features including support for multiple windows and the pointer on iPadOS, dark mode, and context menus.

OCR converts scans to searchable PDFs, Shortcuts actions let you automate everyday tasks. Version 3.0 supports Mac-style document annotations and ratings, and adds new global smart groups. Optionally show inboxes, tags, and trash groups unified like on the Mac.

A new iCloud sync based on CloudKit is much faster and more reliable than the previous iCloud approach. Other improvements include search returning first results faster and new settings to personalize DEVONthink To Go to your needs.

Product Line

App Store Available as a new app in the App Store to make it possible to keep version 2 if you don’t want or need to upgrade.

User Interface

Application Support for dark mode.
Application Support for multiple windows (iPadOS).
Application Pointer (cursor) support (iPadOS).
Application Context menus for the database and documents & groups lists. Long-press any item to get a menu with often-used commands.
Global Items Unified inboxes, tags, and trash groups. Optional.
Global Items New smart groups for ratings, PDFs without text, bookmarks, web archives, and email messages.
Global Items Favorites can now contain documents.
Item Lists Item counts show unread/all item counts.
Settings New settings for deactivating Spotlight indexing and preview image creation. Disable remote images in email messages.

Searching & Navigating

Search Searching immediately returns matches in titles, searches the full text after pressing the Enter key.
Search Searching in groups finds items in subgroups too.
Navigation Recent destinations in context menus and the Organize popover make filing items much faster and more comfortable.
Navigation Multiple documents can be selected by swiping.

Working with Documents

Office OCR for PDFs and images. Select any PDF or image and choose Convert > Searchable PDF from the Organize menu. You can find the same option in the context menu.
Metadata Ratings with one to five stars.
Metadata Support for annotation text documents compatible to DEVONthink for Mac.
Metadata Copying the item link for the global inbox now copies a link that is independent of the local database’s identifier.
Metadata The unread status of groups is now determined ad-hoc and is more reliable.
Capture Clip to DEVONthink clips more pages behind log-ins or paywalls.
Capture Taking pictures uses the standard camera user interface for photos and videos which allows, e.g., to zoom the image.
Documents Open documents in-place with third-party apps.
Documents MultiMarkdown 6 support including CriticMarkup. Markdown documents support item links to content, i.e, images and videos, and item links in the metadata section for accessing CSS stylesheets.
Conversions PDFs can be converted to plain text.
Conversions Multiple selected items can be converted in one go. Conversions are clearer named.

Synchronizing Your Data

iCloud iCloud sync locations based on CloudKit. Contrary to old-style iCloud sync locations, synchronizing with iCloud (CloudKit) is fully synchronous and doesn’t need the CPU and battery-intense iCloud upload monitoring. It is also much faster and more reliable.
User Interface The Sync buttons responds faster and more reliably; long-pressing always shows the sync status popover. In the progress display sync always takes precedence.
Background Automatic syncs happen more frequently in the background.
Performance Faster processing of to-be-sent and received items, more efficient chunking of data.

Automating Your Work

Shortcuts Build your own scripts in the Shortcuts app with native actions. Find, create, and manipulate documents and groups in DEVONthink To Go without using x-callback URLs.
URL Commands x-devonthink: URLs support more DEVONthink for Mac parameters, e.g., for opening documents.

Other Improvements

Maintenance Tasks like deleting data from the full-text index are conducted in the background when the device is sleeping and connected to external power.
Performance Improved background processing.
Performance Improved performance and reliability.