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Take a Break, with Mahjong

July 21, 2020 — Jim Neumann

As the old saying goes, “All work and no play…”, well you know the rest. Sometimes you just need a little break and playing a quick game is often a good choice. Something not too involved or deep, but one you can finish during a short relaxation break. Here’s a good option to try…

Screenshot © Kristanix Games

Mahjong is an ancient Asian game of tile-matching, usually played among three or four players. But a modern variation of this game, mahjong solitaire, is a great way to take a break and keep your mind relaxed but engaged. The rules are simple: select two matching tiles that are not surrounded or under other tiles, and free to be removed. It’s a simple but challenging game.

We have found a great version to play on your Mac: Mahjong Solitaire Epic comes with over 600 free boards to play. They currently offer a daily free board. It also offers in-app purchases of more boards if you’re looking for even more. And if you like the challenge of a certain board, you can replay it and the tiles are randomized each time. Simple rewards are offered and you can even replay boards to try and beat your previous times. With several backgrounds to choose from and a pleasant soundtrack, it’s a nice visual and auditory experience as well. We hope you enjoy it too.

We are not affiliated with Kristanix Games in any way. This tip is purely an editorial choice.