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Surprise! ScanSnap Manager 64-Bit

July 29, 2020 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

In September Fujitsu announced that it would not update their ScanSnap Manager software to 64-bit, effectively making all older models of their scanners obsolete overnight. Most users of older but otherwise perfectly fine ScanSnap scanners will probably have either bought a new model, moved on to some other manufacturer’s devices, or not upgraded to macOS Catalina yet.

Yesterday, and to everyone’s surprise, Fujitsu released version 7 of the ScanSnap Manager, perfectly running in 64-bit and supporting all the older models from the S1300 to the S1500M.

Screenshot of ScanSnap Manager V7

The software looks exactly the same as before and seems to work well with older ScanSnaps, even ones not officially listed on Fujitsu’s website as “works with Catalina”. So if you haven’t given your ScanSnap away yet now you’ve got the chance to plug it in again. Or if your Mac is still running Mojave the upgrade path has become a bit less rocky.

TidBITS has the full news.