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Switching from MacJournal

26. April 2016 — Jim Neumann

We had a MacJournal user contact us, wanting to switch to DEVONthink. While we have no control over how easy or hard this may be, we took a look at what options there are. Nicely, the MacJournal folks have simple but useful export options (we always applaud when developers resist the urge to lock in someone’s data).

You can export single journal entries, or if you have a more elaborate journal system, you can export entire journals. Metadata is exported as text, except for the applied tags which will be properly seen as Tags in DEVONthink.

One thing to note is that you’ll want to check the option One File Per Entry so the entries come in as separate files. If you don’t they will be added together in one long document. Once the export is done, you can import via Files > Import > File and Folders or using drag-and-drop. Note that you can also export directly to the Global Inbox if it’s shown in the Finder sidebar.

(A special thanks to Kirby S. who made the inital inquiry.)