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27. April 2021

OmniFocus und DEVONthink verknüpfen

Screenshot of the Learn OmniFocus website.

Für viele unserer Anwender ist OmniFocus das Programm der Wahl für die Verwaltung ihrer Aufgaben und Projekte. Die Betreiber der großartigen Website Learn OmniFocus haben ihr Mini-Tutorial über die Integration von DEVONthink und OmniFocus aktualisiert (in englischer Sprache). (mehr)

26. April 2016

Switching from MacJournal

We had a MacJournal user contact us, wanting to switch to DEVONthink. While we have no control over how easy or hard this may be, we took a look at what options there are. Nicely, the MacJournal folks have simple but useful export options (we always applaud when developers resist the urge to lock in someone’s data). (mehr)

3. Februar 2015

Archiving E-Mail — Try an .mbox File

When importing email, Apple Mail is going to provide the best performance as it supports native plugins. Other email applications require the use of Applescript to interact with DEVONthink and we can’t guarantee the performance, especially with large mailboxes. But if your email client supports an export to the UNIX .mbox format you can drag the exported .mbox file to the DEVONthink Pro Office dock icon to scan it for messages. (mehr)

26. Juni 2013

DEVONthink and Bookends

DEVONthink and Bookends work nicely together: DEVONthink Pro and up come with a smart template for quickly linking to references in Bookends, accept references dragged over from your collection, and Bookends can store “item links” for any document in DEVONthink. Just recently Sonny Software popup: true released Bookends 12 with an exciting set of new features. Check it out! (mehr)

29. März 2018

Search DEVONthink with HoudahSpot

HoudahSpot is a powerful utility to find documents, images, and other files. It uses your Mac’s Spotlight database but gives you many more options that let you narrow down your search to exactly what you’re looking for. (mehr)

9. Januar 2018

Using DEVONthink with OmniFocus

In December we laid out how you can use DEVONthink To Go and OmniFocus together with universal item links. On the Mac this works, too, of course, and in a very similar fashion.

Recap: Item links are universal URLs that point to a document or group stored in DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go. An item link that works on one device will also work on other devices as long as the database that the link is pointing to is available. (mehr)