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Free Your Menubar with Bartender

13. Dezember 2016 — Jim Neumann

While we rely on our big powerhouse applications like DEVONthink, there are many smaller utilities we use for specialized purposes. These may be calendars, system resource information, or extended clipboards. Simple, smart apps that provide quick and easy access to very focused needs. However, this has lead to our menubars becoming increasingly crowded. And not only these utilities are shown here, but the menubar also has to accommodate the menus of the current application. Especially on a smaller screen, like a MacBook Air’s, this leads to the utilities’ icons being hidden from view. Enter Bartender.

Bartender from Surtees Studio is an affordable utility that helps relieve this problem — and ironically it’s a menubar utility itself! Bartender creates a second menubar for your menulets that can be shown or hidden as you need it. You can entirely clean up your menubar and leave Bartender in the top level. Or you can leave certain apps in the menubar and put others in Bartender. You also have the option to reorder the icons, so you can group certain apps together in a way that makes sense to you. The choice is yours.