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Scotty's DEVONthink Setup

April 2, 2020 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

In January we already wrote about Rosemary Orchard and Scott Jackson’s excellent productivity podcast Nested Folders. And because we love what they do, we want to keep them going. Therefore we have sponsored two bonus episodes in which Rose and Scotty discuss how they use our products in their workflows.

On Tuesday the first bonus episode went live. Rose, a long-time power user of ours, interviews Scotty, who is new to DEVONthink. Together they explore how he approached the product, set up the first databases, and now uses it to organize his files, reference material, and life.

Click here to listen to episode no. 20. Or even better: Subscribe to Nested Folders in whatever app you use for listening to podcasts. It’s free.

Thank you very much, Rose and Scotty, for this great show.