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Wear a Mask

May 26, 2020 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber doesn’t get tired from repeating it: Wearing a face mask keeps the virus from spreading. “Wear it for others, wear it for yourself.” We agree. And even if you don’t believe that they help, they definitely don’t do any harm except for, maybe, causing a bit of discomfort.

Depending on where we all live we are already a few months into the pandemic and still many more months away from a vaccine. Masks, mandatory in your area or not, are here to stay for a while and we think it’s time to make them part of our daily fashion.

Look around in your local shops or online. You’ll find plenty of great designs from mini shops to fashion chains. And you can also easily make them yourself, e.g., when you know how to sew or when you own a 3D printer. Thingiverse has even opened a Hack The Pandemic competition with the best designs for making your own masks.

For us we decided to ask Irene, a local artist, if she could make us some masks. Her masks are comfortable to wear and easy to breathe through. Here’s what she gave me this weekend:

Irene even put the masks for sale on Etsy so that you can get one, too, if you don’t have a mask yet for running errands or going out. She makes these masks herself and by hand so they’re definitely a “limited edition”. Feel free to check out also her other hand-made masks or, if you’re a fan, get one with also our company website address.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated business-wise with Irene Niess except that we delivered some artwork. We don’t get a commission when you buy a mask and we are not responsible for the quality of the product or how she handles orders.