Take care of your client, we do the rest. Whether you are preparing for trial, analyzing a complex contract, or consulting on a legal issue for a company, fast access to information and effortless organization are key.

Our applications give you power tools in knowledge management and retrieval for Mac that adapt to your needs. Keep your case files digitally, gather research in online databases such as LexisWeb or FindLaw, and have everything at hand when you need it at your office or in court.


Broaden Your Knowledge

DEVONagent Pro helps you find precedent cases or applicable law. Use advanced search language and get smart text summaries with all the facts but without all the noise. Capture interesting articles including a link to the original source in DEVONthink. DEVONagent supports many professional databases and allows you to add others as needed.

You choose where to search and what to look for, our app does the tedious rest.


Build a Digital Filing Cabinet

Quickly add new documents to the inbox of DEVONthink without interrupting your workflow, GTD® style. Organize the files later when you have the time. Scan paper with DEVONthink and a compatible document scanner like a Ricoh ScanSnap and save them as searchable PDFs.

Use DEVONagent Pro to capture articles and links to precedents, and add them to case files with a single click.


Add Notes to Documents

Review case notes, documents, and related articles directly in DEVONthink. Annotate PDFs, e.g. scans or journal articles, or just any other document (with the Annotation smart template). DEVONsphere finds more information related to what you’re working on. Add reminders for important items to OmniFocus, Things, Calendar, or Reminders.

DEVONthink adds standard annotations to PDFs that are compatible to other viewers, e.g., Adobe Acrobat, too.

Take Notes

Make Your Thoughts Stick

At your office, in the courtroom, or in a meeting: Use DEVONthink to write down everything related to your client, case, or trial strategy. Open the Take Note panel with a keystroke and start typing or open a new rich text document in your inbox. DEVONthink offers all the tools you need, from lists to tables to hyperlinks. It even adds Wiki-style links to related documents automatically.

Use templates for easy note taking, e.g., for Cornell notes, journal entries, quotes, or references.


Stay Organized at All Times

DEVONthink actively helps you organize your documents, notes, articles, and references. Its unique AI suggests groups or tags for your data, and it learns with every new document you add to a group or assign a tag. Multiple views, smart groups, and our innovative smart tagging approach give you the power and the freedom you need without sacrificing one or the other.

DEVONthink analyzes your documents and assists you with organizing them.


Do Your Writing

Using DEVONthink’s built-in rich text editor, write letter, opinions, or recommendations without leaving your digital workplace. Create your own smart templates that use AppleScript to insert additional information automatically. Switch to one of the two fullscreen modes to write undistracted.

DEVONthink lets you write plain text, Markdown, rich text, and HTML-based formatted notes.


Keep Your Library at Hand

Wherever you’re desperately needed, DEVONthink for Mac and DEVONthink To Go for iOS make sure that you have your case files and reference materials with you at any time. Add notes or annotations, reorganize your files, or read when you find some quiet time in the court café or the airport lounge.