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Summer Freeware Updates

August 19, 2021 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann
Screenshot of the EasyFind window.

This summer it’s time to update also our freeware tools for Apple Silicon. Here are EasyFind 5.0.2, PhotoStickies 6.0.1, XMenu 1.9.11, CalcService 3.5.1, and WordService 2.8.3, all fully optimized for Apple’s new M-series processors.

EasyFind also comes with a modernized toolbar, PhotoStickies with an Inspector palette that fits the appearance of current macOS versions. Using “Conditional HTTP GET”, PhotoStickies uses less bandwidth when updating webcams, and CalcService now accepts the letter “x” as an alternative to the asterisk in multiplications. We have also improved the Brazilian Portuguese localizations, where applicable.

All five utilities and services now require OS X El Capitan or later. They can be downloaded from our Download page and be used for free. We recommend these updates to all users.