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DEVONthink and History Research

September 1, 2011 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

All our software is made for heavy-duty professional use. And so it’s no wonder that its used all over the world by researchers dealing with huge piles of data. One of the is Rachel Leow, blogger and historian. She started to use DEVONthink for her PhD thesis in humanities research and now she gives her blog readers an insight into her database.

For four years, over the course of my PhD, I mucked about with it: exploring, optimizing, and adding to it–sometimes systematically, sometimes not. In consequence, it’s a gnarled, twisty and flawed little place (presumably, like the brain whence it sprung).

Nevertheless, I thought I’d offer a tour through my PhD database for several purposes: to allow those who are interested in finding out more about DT to get some specific insight into its uses for humanities research; to document for myself some of the things I did which worked and didn’t; to hear from anyone with more experience in research management systems; and perhaps offer something new or different to those who already use DT or something similar.

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