Thank You for Helping Us

The current COVID-19 pandemic affects us all, everywhere. And while many of us are struggling only with staying at and working from home, it’s the doctors and nurses, the medical technicians, and disaster relief who are fighting every day for our lives.

As a small software manufacturer we are not mission critical. But we want to do at least something. Therefore we offer all medical personnel and people working full-time in disaster relief the same discount that we usually only give to students, educators, and selected NPOs.

Apply for Pandemic Aid Status Here

Our blog post Using Our Tools in the Pandemic gives some independent insight into how our customers use our products for keeping informed about the pandemic, organizing official documentation, or keeping journals to stay also mentally healthy.

We offer this discount exclusively for selected groups during the COVID-19 crisis and until the end of June, 2020. We’ll adjust the ending date as the pandemic progresses. The discount cannot be applied retrospectively. See also our Business Principles for more about on how we do business.