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19. Juli 2007

No Tour de France in German TV

May be you have heard about it: ARD and ZDF, the two public TV stations in Germany, Europe, have halted their coverage of the Tour de France after T-Mobile rider Patrik Sinkewitz had been tested positive for doping. Yeah! Everyone feels that all riders are doping. It’s just the dexterity of their doctors that keeps them from being tested positive. And if this practise doesn’t stop, well, then simply stop covering them in the news instead. This is where it hurts them hardest. With all thes doping scandals, the Tour de France was no real fun to watch anyway.

23. Februar 2007

Time to Shut Down for a Day

For most people who are like us, being without a computer and Internet access, is unthinkable. We are already getting very uneasy when our DSL line is dead for one, two hours. Can you survive for 24 hours without your computer? To be honest, I think I can. And so I have just signed up for Shutdown Day. Can you, too?

15. Dezember 2006

Thoughts on MacHeist & Co.

A lot has been written about MacHeist in the last couple of days, serious criticism and defense. And as we participated in various promotion events recently, I want to say a few words to this controversy and about our engagement with MacHeist, MacZOT, and MacAppADay. To make it short, Oliver Breidenbach from Boinx Software and Roustem Karimov from have said it all. I totally agree with them. (mehr)

7. Oktober 2006

The Other Side of the Road

Have you ever wondered why “they” drive on the wrong side of the road? Is there any reason for most the E.U. driving on the right side but the UK driving on the left side? And, most important: Could it be us who drive on the wrong side and the other ones are, Heaven forbid!, right? If you need a break, lean back for a moment and read Brian Lucas’ article that I just stumbled about.

31. Juli 2006

In Newton's Footsteps

A nice side note from the PC world: the brand new built-in speech recognition of Windows Vista delivered, ehrr, interesting results at a recent analyst presentation in Redmond. Following Apple Newton’s footsteps, Vista wrote “Dear Aunt” instead of “Dear Mom”, and the rest went even worse, ending up with “double the killer delete select all.” Well, it seems we have to wait a bit longer for Windows Vista ;-) … (mehr)