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19. September 2019

Zum Stand von iCloud

macOS Catalina und iOS 13 sollten unter anderem verändern, wie einige Verzeichnisse auf der Festplatte strukturiert sind und wie sich iCloud mit dem Dateisystem integriert. Daher haben wir für die letzten Betas von DEVONthink 3 einiges an Zeit aufgewendet, um unseren Umgang mit iCloud entsprechend anzupassen. (mehr)

13. August 2019

Catalina und unsere Produkte

macOS Catalina geht in eine weitere Runde mit öffentlichen Betas und erscheint im Herbst für alle Mac-Anwender. Es bringt Verbesserungen für iTunes, Meine Freunde und das Programm „Erinnerungen“, aber auch zahlreiche Veränderungen im Unterbau. Eine dieser (fast) unsichtbaren Änderungen ist das Ende der Unterstützung für 32-Bit-Software. Vermutlich hat Sie Ihr Mac bei dem einen oder anderen Programm bereits darüber informiert, dass dieses ein Update benötigen wird. (mehr)

25. September 2018

Re-enable the Mail Plugin on macOS Mojave

Today is macOS Mojave day. And while DEVONthink 2.10.1 is working fine on Apple's latest incarnation of the Mac operating system, the new security measures do interfere with DEVONthink Pro Office's Mail plugin. Mojave wants to know that you trust our plugin and have the intent to run it. To (re)enable the Mail plugin please follow these steps: … (mehr)

20. Februar 2018

Decluttering Service Working Again

Due to a server update our decluttering service no longer worked since last Thursday. The service is used by our Clip to DEVONthink extension on Mac and iOS for capturing articles from web pages without ads and other chrome. The issue is fixed and clipping web pages should work again now. We apologize for the inconveniences.

13. Juli 2017

Manually Update DEVONthink If It "Crashes" on Launch

Yesterday DEVONthink began to no longer launch for some people. The issue is related to an expired Apple provisioning profile and already hit many other applications earlier this year. Apple now provides profiles with a longer life period. This doesn't do away with the problem forever but at least delays its next occurrence. (mehr)

7. Oktober 2016

Fujitsu Publishes Fix Schedule for macOS Sierra Problems

Two weeks ago we posted a warning published by Fujitsu regarding issues with PDFs on macOS Sierra. Today Fujitsu has released a fix schedule as well as additional information.

Though more deeply explained in Prior Announcements and the FAQ, the problems with ScanSnap operating on macOS Sierra fall into two main categories: … (mehr)

22. September 2016

Fujitsu Warns About ScanSnap Problems with macOS Sierra

Many of you are using a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners for capturing documents. Before you jump onto the macOS Sierra train please read the following warning that Fujitsu just published:

Problems regarding the compatibility with macOS Sierra have been found. Please do not use ScanSnap applications on macOS Sierra. Also, before upgrading your OS to macOS Sierra, please be sure to make a backup copy of the PDF files created by using ScanSnap applications. We will provide you the solution to these issues as soon as available. (mehr)

9. April 2014

Online Shop NOT Affected by "Heartbleed"

A few days ago a critical bug named Heartbleed popup: true was discovered in OpenSSL, the software that makes connections to websites secure. The bug affects more than half a million websites including companies such as Yahoo or Flickr. We have checked our own online shop and it is NOT affected by Heartbleed; Avangate, the company that runs our shop, confirmed this. (mehr)