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30. Dezember 2008

License Server Failure

Just in time for the Christmas holidays our FileMaker server failed and corrupted our customer and license database. We have, of course, tons of backups and I restored all functionality but it may be that some recently added licenses have not made it. So if you have recently purchased (within the last five days, approximately) and have not received your license code, please email us and we’ll see what happened to your license here in our database. Sorry for the hassles.

21. Dezember 2008

Under Heavy Load

So far the DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.0 public beta launch went pretty well, which is, I think, a good sign :-) But we are currently under heavy load from all the various enquiries, from bug reports to upgrading questions. So if you sent us email and have not yet received a reply — please be patient. We’re answering one question at a time but we will answer all of them.

4. März 2008

New Forum Software is Online

After two days of hard HTML and CSS work, our new forum software is now online.The new version 3.0 of phpBB does not only add many useful features for both users and administrators but is hopefully also a bit more spam resistant than the earlier versions. Please note that we have also moved the forum’s address so if you had bookmarked the board’s direct address or suscribed to its RSS feed you should update your links now.