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March 29, 2019

Website Relaunched

We admit it. Our website started to look a bit dated. We launched it in a time where “responsive web design” meant something like automatically switching languages. Now it’s 2019, we use the web mostly from smartphones, and we’re used to a completely different design language. (more)

March 27, 2017

Good-Bye, Bill

Last Saturday our oldest employee and close friend, William B. DeVille, died at the age of 85.

Bill joined our company in 2005 at the age of 73, applying with the words “We have a very long lifespan in my family”. In uncountable forum posts and support tickets he helped our customers getting started with our products and find creative solutions for their problems. (more)

December 1, 2015

Telecommuting, the DEVONtech Lifestyle

By Jim Neumann. Jim is customer support specialist at DEVONtechnologies and works from home in Michigan, USA, or any other place he likes.

Your alarm clock didn’t go off, your hot shower was lukewarm, traffic was backed up, you spilled coffee when that red coupe cut in front of you, and the boss was eyeing his watch as you limped in to your cubicle. This is a typical morning for a commuter. But there’s an alternative. According to current research, in 2020 almost 54% of US workers telecommuted at least once a month. I am one of them. So what is telecommuting really like? (more)

June 10, 2015

Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin"

In their company blog, Fournova publishes short articles from other software developers. They talk about how to build a sustainable business. This month it was my turn. I wrote about not spreading yourself too thin and getting caught in daily busyness instead of focusing on what’s really important. (more)

May 14, 2013

Good Bye, Hardy

An old friend of mine and fellow software developer, Hardy Macia from Catamount Software, passed away tonight after a long fight against cancer. We met just twice in person, once when we lived in Munich and he called in for an evening, and again when I drove up from Boston to his house, the “Train Station”. He showed me how life would be as an independent software vendor and I had him in mind when I quit my day job to run DEVONtechnologies. (more)

May 4, 2013

Welcome, Earthling!

Yesterday, May 3rd, 2013, at 5 p.m. CET Dominik, the third child of Christian, our head developer, safely arrived after a nine month long flight through time and space. Mother and child are well and happy. The ground staff and all of us here at DEVONtechnologies congratulate the parents and welcome the new earth citizen!

April 12, 2013

Professional Education

From March 4 through 6 Cocoa developers gathered in then-rainy Leicester, UK, for NSConference 5. So Alan and me joined them and enjoyed socializing with friends from the US to Israel. And while we  learned about quite a few interesting ideas from other developers, from business to programming, we also acquired *truly *essential knowledge: how to make our own cocktails. To the right you can see Alan having fun preparing his very first Singapore Sling under the eyes of a professional bar keeper. I did a Cosmopolitan so I guess it was the unofficial “pinkish cocktail night”. Or did we just try to summon Spring? (more)

July 13, 2012

Welcome, Jim

Only four weeks ago we began looking for a customer relations and support specialist to join our support hero, Bill DeVille. We hadn’t have to look for too long: Jim Neumann is the new face here at DEVONtechnologies. He officially starts working for us next Monday but because he just loves helping people he enthusiastically jumped into the cold water right away — which means in this case: our user forum. (more)

June 14, 2012

Wanted: Customer Support Specialist

Do you use our products on a daily basis and do you know them well enough to explain them to other people or assist them with their questions? Do you have the ability to find out what someone wants to express even if he describes it in an unusual way and using uncommon words? Can you find solutions to common problems with computer software and explain the solution in easy-to-understand language step-by-step? Are you proficient in using online forums and social networks? (more)

May 21, 2009

Third DEVONbaby Safely Arrived: Welcome, Karolina!

Besides adding new features to and hunting down bugs in DEVONthink we also have something that is even more important to us: our families. And one of our families just got a bit larger.

Welcome, Karolina, daughter of our head developer Christian Grunenberg. A great start into your new, exciting life and all the best wishes to your family of (now) four from all of us here, there, and everywhere.